Offset your annual carbon footprint by supporting 100% Canadian GHG reduction projects

Support projects that reduce greenhouse gases at the source such as solar panels, heat recovery, composting of organic materials, thermal insulation of buildings, and much more.


1 carbon credit = 1 ton of greenhouse gas reduced or sequestered. By purchasing one carbon credit, you offset the production of one ton of greenhouse gas.

Each edit sold contributes to the success of multi-sector SME projects, NPOs and municipalities in Quebec. This means that your action allows local organizations to invest in solar panels, geothermal systems, material recovery and much more.


A round trip Montreal-Cuba (≈ 5000 km)
≈ 1 ton of GHG

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A distance traveled of 10,000 km by car
≈ 1 ton of GHG

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A 10-day trip on a cruise ship
≈ 1 ton of GHG

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some examples of our SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY carbon reduction projects

Manufacturing SME

PG Flooring

Saint-Edouard-de-Lotbiniere, QC

Reuse of wood scraps and heat recovery

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Club d'encadrement technique en acériculture de l'Est

Biencourt, Qc

Investment in electric evaporators and selection of environmentally responsible suppliers

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Manufacturing SME

Fibre de Verre Rioux

Sainte-Françoise, QC

Reuse of cardboard and recycling of wood for heating

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150+ developers of reduction projects in the Sustainable Community.


850+ GHG reduction microprojects completed.


8.1 million tons of GHGs reduced, quantified and verified by the Quebec Sustainable Community since 2012.

Will Solutions

Will Solutions groups GHG reduction micro-projects under Sustainable Communities (SC), and functions as a carbon reduction project accelerator. Micro-projects are carried out by SMEs, NPOs and municipalities from all regions of Quebec who, aware of the climate crisis, have decided to take action and reduce their GHG emissions.

These volunteer project developers carry out different types of projects, such as energy conversion, energy efficiency and diversion of residual materials from landfill. Will Solutions is a company founded in Quebec, certified B Corp and carbon neutral since 2007.